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About The Designer

Modern Philosophy Jewelry was created by Lisa Gouveia in Honolulu, Hawaii. In 2007, Lisa traveled into Asia, where she found herself meditating in Buddhist temples questioning her purpose after graduating with her business degree. Surprised at how she was able to “survive” without electricity, cell phones and internet access, she also found the experience to be life changing. Upon her return, Lisa developed a new way of looking at everything around her and began to create jewelry as sentimental reminders to keep positive and focus on the intentions of finding something that she was passionate about. Within a few weeks, she remembers feeling a shift in energy that affected all areas of her life. She then began making items for friends and family, unknowingly discovering the passion she was searching for. Within a few months, word had spread about her earthy and inspirational pieces. Customers were able to relate with her jewelry and her belief to create your own path to happiness by living through one’s own philosophy -- it was then in 2008 that Modern Philosophy Jewelry was established.

Since 2008, Modern Philosophy Jewelry has established a reputation for genuine quality and meticulous craftsmanship in every piece. Standing by her company mission of quality over quantity is clearly reflected within her business. In order to maintain this mission and the integrity of creating one of a kind jewelry, no style is re-created more than 16 times. Why 16? This number has followed Lisa throughout her life and represents her lucky number. This system ensures that each wearer will know that proper care and energy was placed into that piece and it is not a mass produced item. Also staying true to the“meant to be” philosophy, she also maintains her original collection titled “One in a Million”. This is an exclusive line in which none of the styles will ever be replicated. It was originally created to represent that one person, second, opportunity, or experience that can change EVERYTHING and envoke your true self.

As we evolve as a society, species, and planet, we can only do so together. Join us in being the change we wish to see in the world!