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Care Instructions

Crystals and gemstones work best when they are clean and clear. Here are a few recommendations on how to keep them happy and healthy:
1. Sunlight re-charges your stone. Place your item on near a window or area with direct sunlight for a few hours.

2. Place your item in a piece of plastic wrap or ziploc and set it on healthy soil overnight. (we use our house plants).

3. A monthly cleanse can be used by placing your item outside during a full moon. Cleansing your stones by sunlight and moonlight have different effects on stones. Try them both and see which one works best for you!

**Please note these are simply recommendations and by no means a requirement. There are many methods and options that differ from ours, so feel free to use your gemstones in which ever way that works best for you and your needs. The only request we have is to not get your item wet.


When you first receive your piece, sit quielty and cup the item using both hands. Speak to your bracelet/necklace and send your intentions with a verbal request or a silent prayer. Then we recommend you wear the item consistently for seven days to create an energy connection to your item only removing it to avoid getting wet (taking a shower, exercising. swimming, etc.) or going to sleep. When sleeping, keep your crystals next to your bed or under your pillow.

Gemstones work best with your chakras when wearing them consistently between 10-15 days, only removing them to avoid getting wet. NEVER wear your item in water. This can damage or weaken some stones in addition to the materials used to keep them together.

Also to avoid any residue build up, apply lotions/perfumes and let them completely dry before wearing your jewelry.

At Modern Philosophy Jewlery, we create jewelry to encourage and promote energies of the wearer. Although we often wish it were true, our pieces do not have the ability to activate these energies on their own. It is up to the individual to envoke these positive energies and intentions with Modern Philosophy serving as a branch of encouragement. With that said, there are no guarantees with any of our philosophy’s, and affirmations . We each must take responsibility of our individual lives and realize that within ourselves, we have the unique ability to act and create the life we dream of.