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Gemstone / Symbol Meanings

Agate comes in many colors and is considered to be a powerful stone of balance. It can cleanse and re-balance your aura while encouraging energies of strength and courage.

Amazonite creates harmony in the body in addition to clarity and calming your nerves in stressful situations.

Ambronite attracts positive energies to the wearer in addition to integrating it into their life. Also provides protection while traveling.

Amethyst is the stone of spirituality and divine connection. This stone aides in your skills of intuition and boosts your aura. Wear this stone to keep you open, clear, and centered.

Aquamarine promotes tranquility, protection, and inner peace. It also clears the mind while also encouraging communication with your “higher self”. This is a wonderful stone for those who love the ocean.

Aventurine (blue) is a power stone that attracts abundance, opportunity and luck. It connects with the heart chakra to shield against those who attempt to drain positive energies from its wearer.

Aventurine (green) is the four leaf clover of gemstones. It brings great luck, fortune and heals the heart on all levels by emitting energies of happiness and comfort.

Aventurine (red) encourages power, passion and shields the heart from negativity. Azurite provides a constant pulsating energy that calms and opens levels of higher communication by opening the third eye.

Blue Tiger’s Eye helps to develop your spiritual insight while providing great protection and balance through stressful times.

Botswana agate is a stone that promotes change. It assists in transitioning and adjusting to change as well as providing comfort.

Bronzite the stone of “focused action”. It helps the wearer to focus on their goals while calming uncertainty. It also encourages grounding, promoting change, and attracting harmony.

Buddha is a symbol of compassion, enlightenment, inner peace, and abundance.

Carnelian gives you an energy boost in addition to energies of confidence, creativity, and awareness. This stone radiates strength, luck, and opens your eyes to see great opportunities.

Chrysocolla can balance any of the seven chakras. This stone provides energies that soothe and help one to accept change and encourage forgiveness.

Chrysoprase is a stone of comfort. It brings peace and calming energies to your heart.

Citrine is also known as the “merchant stone” that manifests creative endeavors and money. It is also a stone that does not hold onto negative energies. Instead, it dissipates and regenerates positive energy. It is referred to as the “merchant stone” because it helps one to acquire success and prosperity. It is a stone of new beginnings, joy, and optimism.

Clear Quartz/Phantom Quartz carries a full spectrum of light and amplifies the intention that you place within this stone of manifestation. It also helps you to think clearly and focus on your dreams and aspirations.

Evil eye represents protection against people with the intention of sending negative thoughts, feelings, or energies.

Fluorite is an etheric healer that enhances your alignment with the universe. It purifies the aura, helps to detoxify the body of negative energies, and still the mind while meditating.

Ganesh is the Hindu god of success and the remover of obstacles. He helps individuals learn from their experiences while providing protection and assisting in new ventures.

Garnet works with the heart chakra and attracts love and success. It helps to heal and remove hindering emotions and creates positive change.

Goldstone (red) consists of glass with copper salts and copper. This manmade stone utilizes color therapy to remind its wearer of the unique star that you are!

Hematite is a stone of the mind. It encourages focus and endurance while aligning the body, mind and spirit.

Iolite gives the gift of enlightenment by enhancing inner knowledge. It can awaken the spirit and guide you toward a higher level of awareness.

Jade brings joy, luck and success. It also provides wisdom and inner strength.

Jasper also encourages the alignment of the chakras, grounding its wearer to move towards the positive and focus on making positive changes.

Jasper (black) is a highly protective stone bringing clarity of mind and encouraging focus and drive.

Jasper (red) is a stone of healing. It has calming effects and is an excellent stone for dealing with worries.

Jasper (white) in addition to calming effects, this color of jasper purifies the spirit and emits courage and personal independence.

Labradorite is the stone of spiritual awakenings, intuition and positive transformation. It aides in revealing the truth behind illusions and encourages the overcoming of insecurities. It also helps one to develop psychic abilities.

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of protection, intuition, and truth. The Egyptians valued this stone and used it in jewelry, amulets of protection, and even as a powdered pigment for painting the ceilings of the burial chambers of pharaohs.

Lemon Quartz is a stone of happiness. It aides in deep meditation and creative visualization.

Lotus represents new beginnings and positive transformation.

Malachite is a stone that promotes spiritual evolution while clearing and activating your chakras. This stone bridges the heart and root chakra to encourage love, harmony, and emotional healing.

Moonstone is a talisman of great success. This stone balances the heart and the mind in addition to protection while traveling. It is also the perfect stone for mothers or mothers to be as it connects the wearer to their feminine energies of patience, intuition, and nurturing.

Moss Agate contains fossilized moss connecting its wearer to the earth. It considered a power stone that centers the heart chakra, encourages persistence, acceptance, and new relationships. It also balances your emotional energy and aides in letting go of negative energies such as anger and regret.

Om is a holy meditation symbol of Hinduism and Buddhism with a profusion of meanings. It represents a vibration that attunes sympathy with the cosmic vibration and there is no thought. In this state the mind and the intellect transcend as the individual self merges with the Infinite Self in the moment of realization.

Onyx is an excellent grounding stone and works with the root chakra. It sharpens your senses and fortifies self-confidence.

Peridot is a healing stone. It has been identified on the moon, Mars and in meteorites. It heals the wearer by releasing emotional blockages while encouraging emotions of warmth and nurturing.

Pink Tourmaline promotes love, friendship, and helps you stay focused on what your heart wants. It exemplifies all qualities of the heart chakra.

Prenhite is a powerful visualization and dream stone which helps to shed light into our true desires. This stone works with the heart chakra in helping the wearer to let go of painful memories and recognize your true potential.

Pyrite is a stone of intellect and protection. It enhances energy, intelligence, mental stability, and psychic development.

Quartz / Clear Quartz carries a full spectrum of light and amplifies the intention you place within this stone of manifestation. It also helps you to think clearly and focus on your dreams and aspirations.

Rhodochrosite creates a bridge between the navel and heart chakras. It helps to heal emotions stored within these chakras allowing you to release and instill love where there is pain.

Rose Quartz elicits comfort, acceptance, tolerance, and unconditional love.

Ruby is a power stone that heals and works with the heart chakra. It promotes the release of negative energies while opening the heart to let in energies of love, passion, and balance.

Sandalwood is believed to be a sacred wood with a naturally soothing scent. It is used in aromatherapy, malas (prayer beads), Ayurvedic medicine, and essential oils, where it is believed to bring one closer to the Divine.

Sapphires aid its wearer in fulfilling their goals, ambitions, and dreams. It is also a stone that helps to develop intuition and spiritual knowledge.

Smokey Quartz is a stone that dispels negative energy and grounds you to the earth. It helps to clear mental and emotional blockages while calming energies of jealousy, anger, and resentment.

Sodalite is a component of lapis lazuli and provides inspiration, truth, and insight into the larger scheme of life.

Sunstone promotes a positive attitude while encouraging self-confidence. This stone also enhances energy and drive bringing a new level into realization.

Tiger’s Eye is used as an amulet to deflect negative energy, ward off those who have negative intentions, and grounds its wearer.

Tourmaline is a powerful healing stone. It helps its wearer to let go of heartache and fear while balancing the heart chakra.

Turquoise is the master healing stone that can strengthen your entire body. It helps to balance the throat chakra and improve communication with your higher self. It emits peace, good health, and will connect you in knowing, speaking and living your truth.